Commodity Future Charts

Commodity Future Charts Can Help You Predict Future Price Moves

For predicting commodity future prices, these commodity future charts will giveyou a clear picture of the 30 year cycle.

The first chart is a continuous weekly price chart of soybeans going back to just before the last 30 year price cycle started. Notice that 1973 started the many major advances that lasted seven years.


My commodity future charting package only goes back to 1973. If you could see the timeperiod before then you would see that soybeanprices were below $3.00 for many years beforethey exploded in 1973. The other physical commodity pretty much traded the same way...thatis to say low prices for the 10 years preceding1973.

Sugar our next commodity future chart ....depicting the beginning of the last 30 year cycle took off like a bullet making its highestprice in 1974. Notice that once the 7 yearscompleted, in 1980, sugar traded sideways todown.

30 Sugar Chart

In stark contrast to sugar....silver our nextcommodity future chart only made a small moveearly in the seven year cycle. I say small, buy that small move just about tripled the 1972price. Siver .tThen traded very quietly until it made a major price movestarting in 1979 and completing in January of 1980.

There where 18 other commodities that particapatedin the major moves that started in 1973. For the most part by 1980 the peak of the 30year commodity cycle was over.

30 Silver Chart

From the above commodity future charts we cansee that big moves produce some major profitopportunities. Opportunities that can fill your trading account to over flowing...very quickly.

Knowing that an explosive move is coming isonly the first step to capturing the profitsof the big moves. The entry must be timed soas to limit risk and of course the all importantpoint to take profits must be determined.

A mechanical trading system ..... that gives youthe entry, shows you which option to buy, andwhen to take profit is the key to taking themoney to the bank. For the system I useto do just that Click Here

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